Because it’s usually better to eat brownie batter than it is to shank people.


Brownies.  That’s right. Do you want to win friends and influence people?  Do you enjoy doing something that’s very easy but people assume is difficult so that they think you’re extra awesome for making the effort?  Do you enjoy making a dessert that involves a batter you can eat by the spoonful and risk salmonella […]

Because this conversation sums up our relationship so nicely.

And because our son has come down with the flu in September, so I’m behind on the important things in life, like posting real blog entries and showering. Don’t worry–he isn’t dying; he’s going to Virginia, which, I’ve heard, is much less dramatic than dying, despite the state slogan: Virginia is for lovers.  Ewwwwwwwwww.  Let’s all just calm […]

For when you want people to keep their juices to themselves.

JCPenney Supima 6-pc. Bath Towel Set

I married a handsome man.  Even though he’s obsessed about losing his hair (which is odd, since he hasn’t actually lost any, yet)  and whitening his teeth (he could have made an extra house payment by now with the money he’s spent on sham . . . er, effective teeth whitening treatments), the fact remains […]

For when you want to eat your feelings, along with cherry pie.

Cherry Pie

As I may have mentioned previously, I’ve become a bit of a pie fanatic in the last almost-four years.  I found and have used over and over again three pie recipes that are SO easy and are major crowd pleasers–blueberry pie, cherry pie, and a no-cook chocolate pie.  Today, we address that most cheerful of […]

For when monsoon season fails to meet your expectations for fun.

Rain Cat Meme

The aforementioned Angie and I might have been a bit affected by weather developments recently. Yesterday: Fortunately, the sun is out today, which means that Angie and I can get back to our usual conversation topics of goat illnesses and the lack of decent summer TV programming.  We are . . . quite worldly.

For when you want to exercise without falling off the toilet.

Adidas Ultimate Tee

Lately, I’ve been a little hard on myself regarding what I want to do on a daily basis and what I actually get done.  A week or two ago, I actually caught myself thinking, “Why didn’t I put that load of clothes in the dryer last night?  I’m so stupid.”  And then I immediately thought, […]

For when crotch shots are synonymous with the Fourth of July.

Independence Day Kitten

My friend, Angie, sent me a celebratory text a bit earlier this evening, in the form of a picture of her crotch. It was actually supposed to be a picture of the kitten, Waylon, who was hiding under her laptop and attacking her from his strategic position. She then apparently felt bad about texting me […]

Because, sometimes, you want to eat a container of whipped cream in peace.

Whipped Cream

A few weeks ago, my husband walked through our family room/office to find me hugging a large container of Cool Whip to my chest, eating out of it with a giant spoon.  I said, “Nothing to see here.  Move along.”  And he did–because he understands that getting between a hormonal woman and her Cool Whip is […]

Because store-bought pies are disgusting mounds of crap.

Completed Blueberry Pie!

It is time for my first recipe review!  I’m very excited about this entry because I love to bake.  Many people like to bake because they like to see their families and friends eating and enjoying their delicious, homemade treats and because crafting something particularly tasty and/or attractive can be very rewarding.  It’s a hands-on hobby. […]

Because, sometimes, PMS should ruin everyone’s night.


Tonight, my husband went to the movies by himself to see World War Z, which is totally cool, as it’s more of a rental for me, seeing as how I find zombies incredibly irritating.  They’re just not logical, people.  They are not scary. I know I have PMS because I desperately want to eat chocolate […]

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