For when you don’t want to murder anyone on Mother’s Day.

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So, this is happening. That’s right—it’s time for me to garrote myself with my terrifying sports bra three times a week for the next three months in order to almost-adequately prepare for the Women’s Running Nashville half-marathon at the end of September. Later that day, I will reward myself for limping across the finish line […]

For when you want to read your 800th murder mystery like a civilized human being.

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I feel like I can’t continue with this blog entry until I explain my long absence.  To do so, I’ll use that most feared of lists, the bulleted list: I, like every single person reading this blog, came down with the flu at the end of January.  I’m pretty sure I almost died of moderate […]

For those days when you absolutely, positively must hear every word Ron Swanson says.

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This is Jack.  Jack is a Basset Hound.  Jack is loud. This is a drawing of my four-year-old son, Ted. (Is this not how parents protect their children’s identities online?)  My Paint skills are, perhaps, not the best, but it captures his particular joie de vivre.  And the pictorial representation of him uses the toilet […]

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