Because it’s usually better to eat brownie batter than it is to shank people.


Brownies.  That’s right. Do you want to win friends and influence people?  Do you enjoy doing something that’s very easy but people assume is difficult so that they think you’re extra awesome for making the effort?  Do you enjoy making a dessert that involves a batter you can eat by the spoonful and risk salmonella […]

Because store-bought pies are disgusting mounds of crap.

Completed Blueberry Pie!

It is time for my first recipe review!  I’m very excited about this entry because I love to bake.  Many people like to bake because they like to see their families and friends eating and enjoying their delicious, homemade treats and because crafting something particularly tasty and/or attractive can be very rewarding.  It’s a hands-on hobby. […]

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